[No Longer] Chasing Stork

Bits and pieces of my life with my wife and twin daughters and the struggle of one of the twins, Braydee, through numerous surgeries.

Just my awesome little girl being awesome!

Just my awesome little girl being awesome!

Military Pay Calc

Personally something I have found very useful and thought others might find it useful also!



Client: We definitely like the design, but we were wondering if you could provide us with a second version.

Me: Sure. What were you thinking?

Client: Take the same design you have now, but put the call to action in a speech bubble, as if it was coming from the talent. But! Make sure that…


Missing My Daughter

Although I know we shall be united again in the next life I miss my daughter Braydee more than words can convey…

I know we said we wanted to appeal to ethnic audiences with this, but there’s an awful lot of latinos and blacks being shown off. We don’t want to scare anyone. One or two says diversity. Any more says street gang.
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Client: I got your quote, but it’s too high. A Chinese company quoted me half your price.

Me: Then buy it from them. I can’t make it that cheap.

Client: Their quality is useless, and I need it before they would even be able to mail it. What am I supposed to do?

Me: Pay more. 

She Passed Away…

So the reason that I have not posted on here in such a long time is because my little angel, Braydee Nasya Nestor, after a long and valiant struggle for eleven months and three days, passed away due to her heart failing. It is the hardest thing that I have ever gone through. I miss that little girl with all of my heart. She is amazing and I cannot wait until the day we are reunited. I love her and miss her and wish she was still here. I guess I have to move forward, she is always with me.

It’s Been A While…

Have not been here for a while because I have been depressed. I think I am back.

Another Day

Sitting in the hospital still with my sweet little girl Braydee, just waiting for the day we can go home! It has been since December 17th this time, until today, no breaks. The adventure started last July, on the 27th, when my wife was admitted and then we did not leave the hospital until Braydee was allowed to go home when she was two months old in November. Then she was home three weeks before she was re-admitted to the hospital and had to go in on December 17th, and we have been here since but that is okay! We could have been planning a funeral and instead I am able to still hold her and parent her, she is one of the greatest little things in this world!

Love this.

Love this.

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